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Being a temp sucks. Period.

So last Monday, I talked with the recruiter and she ended up offering me a position for a week or two as a temp in the HR department of a huge health care company.  I thought for sure I would like it and that I could, with a bit of hard work, convince them to hire me for long term.  The first day, I trained with the girl who’s place I was taking.  She was very nice and really helpful as far as showing me how to do things.  Then the second day she got me set up in a cubical and from then on…I did nothing.  I’m sure she was sick of hearing me ask “Is there anything I can help with?”  She would just say…not right now or give me a few minutes and I’ll think of something.  There was essentially no reason for me to be there.  I filled out paperwork for an hour or two total throughout the day.  Friday was worse…two hours or work went down to less than an hour.  Then yesterday, In the nine hours that I was there (I forgot to bring silverware to eat my lunch and I’m too broke to afford the cafeteria…so I didn’t take a lunch break), I made 20 copies and changed a flight time for an interviewee.  I did less that 20 minutes of work.  It was excruciating.  I don’t know if being a temp is always like that or if it was just the company that I was working for….but I couldn’t take it.  So…I quit.  The main reason that I took the short temp job in the first place was because I was hoping it could lead to a more long term position here in St. Louis…but I have come to the realization that moving home to Kansas City might be the best idea for me at this point. 

I went to a wedding and had a blast this weekend with some St. Louis friends and my ex.  Being surrounded by all those happy people that I didn’t really know made me wonder what was making me stay in St. Louis.  In the end of the day, I think what was making me stay was something that was never going to happen.  Don’t get me wrong I have found some people in STL who are phenomenal friends.  Friends who have made this decision one of the hardest I’ve ever made.  But, I just feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on in my life lately…heart break, losing my job, stress over bills…and I think moving back to KC could  potentially eliminate at least a few of those issues.  

Soo…now I’ll be unemployed, single, 2 cats, and living at my parents house.  Mom says things usually have a way of working out…hopefully she’s right. 


My mouse/keyboarding skills + Recruitment

After three weeks of applying for jobs with no response, I got a little desperate.  I know for sure that I never want to do retail full time.  If I never have to see a mall Santa Claus again, it will be too soon.  But I thought there would be no harm in applying for a few customer service based jobs.  I found a job listing for a Customer Service Rep for a health care company.  Essentially, I’d be answering phones and dealing with people who were angry about insurance matters.  Sounds thrilling, I know.  The questions were all pretty typical…previous work experience, customer service experience, yadda yadda.  So, I get down to the section that talks about computer skills and it asks me to rank myself on a scale of “Never heard of it” to “Expert” on my mouse/keyboarding skills.  When was the application written and for who?  On what planet do “mouse” skills rank as worth noting on an application.  Especially an online application… 

I try to keep it together as I finish up the application, thinking that if I got it, at least it would be some cash in the bank until I find something more up my alley.  Then, after the basics of the app are done, comes the 60 minutes personality and skills test.  After the sixth time the test asked me to rank how much I love stealing, I had pretty much given up but I figured I’d already spent that much time on it, I might as well finish it.  So, I finish answering the last “Raising your voice to customers helps them calm down? True or False,” push submit, then go to check my email and I’ve already been sent a polite regret letter.  I apparently shouldn’t have ranked myself as “loves” on how much I like stealing.

The day wasn’t a complete bust, though.  I got an email from a recruiter who found my resume on  I’ve gotten a couple emails from “recruiters” before but they usually came off as people who would probably rather place me in a “massage parlor” over a human resources position.  I did my research and everything about this recruiter came back legit, so I emailed her back and let her know that I was interested in hearing more about what she had to offer.  She gave me a call and she set up a coffee meeting to discuss some opportunities.  

We met this morning at a Starbucks near my house.  She has a short temp job in HR that she thought I might be interested in and her long term goal would be to place me in a permanent position.  So fingers crossed, I may be temporarily not unemployed!

Two Weeks Unemployed + Coffee Shop Breakdown

Today is the two week-iversary  of my unemployment.  Overall, the last two weeks have been really positive.  Even if I can only afford to buy the cheapest wine that I can buy at Quik Trip, drinking it is all the sweeter knowing that I don’t have to wake up and go into a miserable job working for a terrible company in the morning.  I have managed to let go most of the anger I held toward the “mousy, two-faced, back-stabbing bitch” (as my mother has nicknamed the girl…yes, girl…who made sure to do me the favor of telling my boss that I was unhappy in my job).  It has been somewhat easy to let my anger go partly because my friends have been spending their time coming up with hilarious ways to get back at her….including, but not limited to…

…filling a box with cat hair, which she is terribly allergic to, and sending it to her house

…tripping her on her daily running route

…bag of poop on fire on her porch (classic)

…calling her boss and asking for a job reference for another company

…signing her up for embarrassing catalogs and having them sent to work

Not exactly the most mature way to handle being angry with someone, but the mental images have certainly helped me through some rough patches.  I would never actually act on any of these hilarious ideas, but I do try to rest assured that she will get what she deserves even if I don’t get to actually be there to witness it….and in the mean time, I picture her tripping down a small set of stairs in a very public place.

So, besides getting over some anger issues, I have been working on trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my life.  Do I get back into education?  Do I stick with HR?  I have my degree in education, but essentially no work experience for the last 4 years in that field.  I have work experience in HR, but not a degree.  I’m a little stuck at the moment and I have only about 5 weeks until I run out of money and have to move back to Kansas City and into my parents house…every 28 year old woman’s dream, I know.  It was this very conflict that caused the coffee shop break down.

I’ve been spending much of my unemployment with my good friend, Brent, who has also found himself in the unemployment boat.  We tried to go to the public library today to inspire us to find jobs, but the internet connection was too slow.  Instead, we went to a coffee shop for cheap coffee and good internet.  I had spent about 45 minutes writing a cover letter for an HR position, only to find out that the posting was labeled incorrectly and instead of the HR Assistant position I was applying for, it was actually the Director of HR over 20 hotels…just slightly above my head.  When Brent looked up from his Linkdin page, he saw the tears start welling up.  Poor guy.  It’s not his rodeo with the crying in awkward places habit I have, luckily.  So he handled it triumphantly, by suggesting a break from job applications and some terrible daytime television.

What did I learn today?  Imagining embarrassing things happening to mean people sometimes helps, coffee shops have better internet connections than the public library…and far fewer homeless people, and if you cry in a public place…if you’re lucky…it might lead to watching Judge Judy.

List of things to do today/with my life.

  • Make coffee and read your book
  • Do your dishes, you slob
  • Probably better hit that laundry while you’re at it
  • Call college and get a copy of your transcript because it’s impossible to fill out job applications without it, apparently
  • Load up on prescriptions before your insurance runs out in 6 days
  • Write a blog post (check)
  • Go to the library and apply for jobs
  • Try not to watch Dawson’s Creek, how old are you? (fail)
  • Figure out how to get teaching license
  • Park drink with Dani

How I got where I am…

I was a pretty good student with some very specific goals for after college.  However, like a lot of graduates of 2009, things didn’t work out they way I wanted.  After searching all summer for a teaching job and coming up empty, I started applying for something that would get me through until the next year.  I ended up in a crummy retail job that paid for the next summer’s trip to Europe.  When I returned from Europe, I fell into another slightly better, but still crummy, retail job.  Well, three years later, I’ve been relocated to a new city, which didn’t make the crummy job any better.  After a bit of the backstabbing that you might expect from a company primarily run by 23 year old girls, I finally saw that there was no place for me at this particular crummy job.  So here I am…28, single, unemployed, and with two cats. #livingthedream.